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Issy named in ICF Smart21 Communities of the Year

Publication date: 03-11-2017   |   Last update: 03-11-2017   |     |  

The Intelligent Community Forum has announced that Issy is one of the 21 cities shortlisted for its annual award on smartest cities.

As it happens every year, the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), a US based think tank, has shortlisted 21 cities for its annual Intelligent Community Awards cycle.


In 2017, just 2 European cities, in the middle of many cities in Canada, Taiwan, Australia and US, were selected: the Finnish Espoo and Issy-les-Moulineaux. ICF will announce the Top 7 Cities on next February to finally crown the Intelligent City of the Year in London at an event that will be held on June 2018.




This award is always related to a general overview of Smart City policies, based on 6 indicators, and a more specific one, this year cities were invited to describe their policies on the theme “Humanizing Data”.


But what does “Humanizing data” mean?


Today, anyone talks about Big Data and open data, but a few are really trying to use to improve services and making it useful to people. ICF wanted to put forward the Cities that have worked on data for the economic, social and cultural benefit of their community.


Why Issy?


The city has shown to have a Digital heart starting from 1994, strongly investing on digital infrastructures, such as a 100% high speed broadband coverage, to improve community services and welfare, boosting its welfare from any point of view as the population had a huge growth and companies have started to settle more and more creating more than 60.000 jobs.


Later on, starting from 2012, the City has strongly invested on open data, understanding that this is a must to create high quality services to citizens and businesses of the City. This first phase, started with a simple City budget on its website, found its dedication in the early 2015, when Issy launched, assisted by its partner Opendatasoft, an innovative Open data portal to boost innovative services and business opportunities and improving data understanding, through nice maps and analysis.


Issy is also the place of the first neighbourhood level smart grid in France, IssyGrid, making possible to have dedicated energy consumption data and sharing it with citizens to build awareness about energy consumption. This allowed citizens to reduce their consumption and their energy bills by 10%-20%.


But Issy never relaxes and it keeps moving forward working on innovative projects to move to Big Data, real time information and dynamic visualisation to solve one of the biggest challenges of any metropolitan area: providing real-time and easy visualisations on transports and traffic. This is a fundamental step to make easier people lives and further improve City economic attractiveness.





To this end, the city aggregated all big local transport-related players in a public-private consortium, So Mobility, making possible to have real time parking availability and some traffic information in open data, and it started participating to various European projects, such as OpenTransportNet and ROUTE-TO-PA, focused on data visualisation and co-creation of data with citizens and developers.



What’s next?


Issy keeps going to with So Mobility and a European project, Polivisu, to create real-time tools to make easier transports for citizens and make smoother people centred-policy building. And least, but not last, it starts working on another high value European project, Internet of Radio Light (IoRL), about next generation WiFi, the LiFi matched with 5G mobile network to make citizens information and internet surfing more and more accessible. 

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