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Issy, a smart city

Issy‐les‐Moulineaux is one of the French Smartest Cities and it is recognized as a national showcase for the development of local democracy through the use of ICT. Actually, the Intelligent Community Forum, has awarded the mayor André Santini as "Visionary 2009".

The digital innovation strategy of Issy took the City to put in place a strategy on Smart Mobility targeted in giving more and more services to citizens. To this end, the City has started in 2015 some testing on Real Time bus tracking with the Zenbus application, on a Parking spots prediction application, “Path to Park”, that lets citizens find a parking in an easy way and on the ECIM application for an “all in one” solution on transports.

Finally, Issy has launched a new Open Data Portal that makes it as a leading City on Open Data.

This strategy has brought Issy to host various innovative international groups, such as Microsoft, Cisco, Huawei, and many start-ups skilled on Internet-Of-Things and Robotics.


Smart City approach, innovating for better services

Smart Mobility, improving Urban Transports Planning

Open Data, fueling City Services

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