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Issy Sustainable Urban Design

Issy-les-Moulineaux is highly involved in implementing a sustainable urban design. The city achieves its goal by carrying out various projects meant to qualify the city as a point of reference on this matter.

A milestone of the city is the “Fort d’Issy”, an eco-district that has home automation, a pneumatic waste collection system, geothermal power and a school built out of wood and straw.





A summary of the eco-digital district of the Fort

It is a living space built on the site of a former 19th century fortress, demilitarised in 2009. Today, on the hills above Issy, the district dominates urban Paris and is made up of more than 1600 houses (including 300 social houses), more than 3500 residents and 1500 m² of local shops.


The buildings are designed in keeping with very high environmental standards and the district benefits from an automated vacuum waste collection system (1200 metres of pipes under the roads).

Over 75% of the district’s heating and domestic hot water needs are met by two geothermal wells 750 metres deep.


There are many innovative facilities and public spaces, including a school made of straw and wood, a Feng Shui swimming pool, a cultural and digital centre where you can test smartglasses or discover the Nao robot, sports facilities, etc. There are also green spaces with a 44,000 m² orchard and soon a shared garden to grow vegetables and a Japanese garden created by gardeners in our Japanese twin town.


In the houses, fibre optics and home automation equipment enable residents to benefit from all digital services.  The district is also connected to IssyGrid, the 1st smart district network in France whose aim is to consume better, less and at the right time.


Furthermore, the eco-district is one of the first places to test ‘smart mobility’ in Issy: shared parking, real-time tracking of buses with your smartphone and even self-service electric cars.

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